3 simple ways to improve your home without spending too much money or time

Now and then, we feel like what we used to like or even love doesn’t have quite the same impact on us. It doesn’t mean we don’t want it anymore, it just means that we need a change and this is normal since humans are always evolving. This applies also to the place we call home. We usually feel after a while that we need to modify some things about our house and to make it more cozy and interesting again for us and the people that visit us. We often don’t do it because we think it would take to much time and money and that it is something Millenials seldom have to spare. Here are 3 very little time and money consuming ways to improve your house.


Change the position of the same elements we have in our house. When we do this, we can make it look completely different and more often than not, we gain more space. This is not going to take you too much time and it doesn’t have to be done in one day. You can divide the sections of your house depending on the time you have available. This can also be a family project and by doing this, they will all get involve and feel like their opinions are been taken into consideration. The more people help you, the faster you will finish and the more you and your family are going to like it.



It is always nice to remember the most important events in your life or just the ones that you cherish the most. By putting pictures, drawings, and/or significant objects around the house, you will be sharing them with others as well. This would be a great conversation starter and your guests would feel more comfortable. It will also take you back to pleasant moments in your life and feel better throughout the day. Just remember not to overdo it and not to overcrowd your house with objects that will only accumulate dust or fill the wall with pictures that don’t match together. Think about how they are going to look all together and how to create harmony among then. 



 Choose colors that would make you feel calm and peaceful, preferably if it is not as one of your offices. It is better if you feel completely away from work when you are home. This takes a little bit more work and money but as I mentioned before with the furniture, you don’t need to do it all at once. This is another fun project to do with your family and even friends. If you have a group of friends that always go to your house, you could involve them in this activity. You can make a day out of it adding a barbecue and some cold drinks for adults. Have them come with their family, just have some ice cream for the kids instead.

Enjoy your new home!

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