5 Hottest Home Remodeling Trends in Washington DC for 2014

A recent report from the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University shows that demand for home remodeling services is growing rapidly. The study shows that demand for home remodeling services is expected to increase 14.5% between the third quarter of 2013 and the same quarter this year. Homeowners throughout Washington D.C. have started making some innovative changes to their homes.

Newest Home Remodeling Projects

Many people were only making essential home improvements during the recession. As the economic recovery gains momentum, however, homeowners are investing in much fancier remodeling projects. Here are five of the hottest home remodeling trends for the coming year.

Combining the Kitchen and Living Room

Kitchens and living rooms are typically adjacent to each other. They are also usually separated by a wall, but many homeowners want to challenge the status quo. They are ripping down the walls and opening the kitchen up to the living room. Many people in Washington D.C. have found that there are both practical and aesthetic benefits to removing the walls in their kitchen. It has made their homes seem larger and helped them utilize their space better.

Refinishing Their Kitchens

Many people used to enjoy living in kitchens with a more rustic feel. However, those designs are no longer practical, because modern appliances don’t work so well in them.

Many homeowners are also refinishing their kitchens to give them a more modern feel. A survey from Remodeling Magazine found that nearly two-thirds of remodelers will be completing at least one kitchen makeover this year. The number of homeowners modernizing their kitchens in Washington D.C. and Richmond seems to be even higher, because many people live in older Victorian homes.

Reducing Spaces Tubs Consume

Many homeowners have complained that bathtubs take up too much space. They come up with a couple of ways to ensure they use the space more effectively. Some homeowners prefer showering and have decided to remove the bathtub curb entirely. Others are replacing their old fashioned bathtubs with free standing tubs that take up much less space.

Earthier Feel

Many people have decided to replace steel and stone materials with more wood and raw metals. These materials give their home a more relaxed, humbler and earthier feeling. Some of the leading family law attorney Worcester MA vouches for this arrangement.

Shift Towards Sustainability

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important issue for homeowners throughout the country. Washington D.C. is becoming particularly focused on the new trend. Mayor Vincent C. Gray unveiled a plan to make the city more sustainable in 2012. Many homeowners are getting on board and creating more environmentally-friendly homes. The trend is expected to gain momentum as the populace becomes more concerned with reducing their carbon footprint and offsetting the pain of higher energy costs.

Would you consider adapting any of these trends to your own home any time in the near future?

Photo Credit: NCinDC via Compfight cc

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