Need to have an idea of a short to-do list around the house before the holidays are in full swing? Here are a few quick fixes around the house you should look into before diving into the end-of-year festivities. Your guests will be much happier if these simple things are in working order.

Repair Leaky Faucets & Running Toilets

The last thing you want around the holidays is for guests to have troubles with the toilet or sink. Imagine trying to prepare a holiday dinner with a non-functional kitchen faucet. The bathroom sink and toilet will be used more than usual at this time and should be at their best.

Clean the Gutters

When the gutters are dirty, this causes runoff water. In the colder months, this can cause more ice to build up along walkways and around the house. Keep the gutters clean to help prevent your guests from slipping on excess ice.

Clean Chimney & Fireplace

Many people enjoy sitting by the fire around the holidays. Make sure yours is safe and available for use by keeping it clean. A chimney sweep can help with the more difficult areas. Remember that dirty fireplaces can cause fires.

Garbage Disposal Should Work Properly

This will get used a fair amount of the time during the holidays. Extra meals will be prepared and in some cases, heartier meals. An operating garbage disposal will help keep your sink functional, as well as clean.

Check Your Water Heater & Furnace

Part of keeping guests comfortable involves making sure your home is well-heated and everyone has enough hot water. Make sure your how water heater and furnace are in tip-top shape before the holidays.

These simple tasks can help ensure you have a happier, cozier holiday. Don’t be afraid to consult a professional if you can’t do this yourself. Your guests will thank you later.

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