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The Best Art Trends for Homes in 2018

It is time to decorate your home with a new concept and idea that is very popular in 2018. You do really need to make your home interior look awesome with some new interior designs, but you need some inspirations that you may find on the internet. Remodeling and redecorating your home with art trends for homes in 2018 can bring a new atmosphere that will pamper your eyes. Let us check the best art trends for your home decor and concept.

1.    Midnight

Make your ordinary wall look more imaginative with midnight opulent jewel tone. You can combine good accent art with a dramatic dark artwork. This concept will bring the home to the luxurious nuance with color combination. Thus, you may try to use figurative art for the wall decor in order to obtain this atmosphere.

2.    Essential

When it comes with essential art trend, it is not always dealing with luxury and complexity. Simple is enough to bring your home into a realistic nuance. In this case, you can try to use simple sketches in white background and frame. Meanwhile, the sketches can be any images with black color only for better illustration.

3.    Escapism

With a colorful deep rainbow wanderlust, it will make your home look adorable despite you use neutral wall accent. It is not about the object you use, you can actually use any drawings, but make sure you use some contrasting rainbow palette combination.

4.    Wabi Sabi

Wabi Sabi resembles naturalism that looks so awesome in white background. So, if you use white wall, it is perfect to apply Wabi Sabi for rustic natural imperfection that is basically popular since 2017, but it is still great for 2018 home or Meeting Rooms decor concept.

5.    Female Voice

Imagine how your house will look like when you use pictures of women on every corner. You can use any background accents, but you have to choose elegant black painting of women in a white frame. It will really make your wall feel alive and beautiful.

6.    Kinship

Make your house feel warmer with Kinship art trend decor that looks so futuristic, yet rustic. It is about the combination of several accents that you can use both on the painting and the wall. For a natural look, you may use green accent and white ceiling while putting a folklore style art on the wall.

7.    Urban Culture

Do you want to make your house look like a city life? It is a great idea to apply Urban culture into the house. This design meets graffiti that comes from some paintings on the wall. This new trend art decor uses street art style which basically looks abstract and natural.

8.    Monochromatic

Black and white always become the most favorite accents that many apartment owners use to obtain simplicity, but it remains elegant. For the art trend 2018, you can actually use black and white photography with black framing. It is all your decision to pick the images, and make sure it has white background.


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