Drama and slice of life might be spices we need to start the 2019 spring kick and maybe the Divorce TV might be the spices you need in life. Having become one of HBO’s successful drama series in 2016 until now, Divorce TV series is an American drama slash comedy that you probably need to lighten up your life. Created by Sharon Horgan while taking the place in Hastings-on-Hudson, the suburb of New York, this show is stared with some well-known actors and actresses. Such as Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex and The City) as well as Thomas Haden Church that is known as the antagonist, Sandman in the Spiderman 3.

The story of  Divorce TV series itself is revolved around our protagonist, Frances (Sarah Jessica Parker) which is not satisfied with her marriage and finally after a long consideration has finally decided to divorce her husband but of course, breaking off a marriage is never an easy threat. In each episode, you will venture in Frances’s life of fighting her rights as well as some marriages problems that you might see yourself in your everyday life. The story itself is full of satirical comedy as well as some ice breaker which makes some scene look ironically funny in a way. Watching this series may help in quick uncontested divorce mediation.

Why you need to watch it

If you need a light family drama to watch without cringing about how unrealistic the plot is, this series might be a great choice. Divorce makes you dive into the life of a middle-aged couple which keeps delaying their divorce because of so many considerations they need to think of and like everybody’s problem when it comes to divorce someone off, the first person comes to mind is your children, family, your relations and the damage that it will cause. Separation might be easy to be declared but in reality, the execution of separation is way harder than its declarations.  Both of the character protagonists, Frances and Robert show a complex dynamic to drive the plot emotionally in a very relatable notion that makes the story seems so real and easy to relate too. The additional comedy makes it not as boring as any other dramas with the same theme. It makes it lighter to watch and to be enjoyed.

It’s popularity

The show is quite popular to be run in three years and still currently airing in HBO for its third season. The show itself got nominated in the Golden Globe Awards for the best actress in television series musical or comedy, and Primetime Emmy Awards for the category outstanding cinematography for a single-camera series (Half-Hour).

The critical response

This series has a mixed review from many television series critics. Rotten Tomatoes said that the first season has the average ratings of 5.8/10 and said that “while the execution borders on superficial, the dark humor and character chemistry in Divorce hit the mark”. Although the rates are not really as high as any other series at the moment, Divorce still has the charm that can put you into a roller coaster of both emotional ride and laughter at home.

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